Monday, April 07, 2008

Free Live Nifty Trading Terminal

It gives me immense pleasure to share with my valued visitors that I have created a new blog Nifty Live Chart for effective short term trading for 4-5 days range. Now people like me don't have to go hunting for tips and techniques from other sites and analysts. We have it for free.

The unique part of the blog is that I have created a live technical indicator Slow Stoch which is not commonly available for free. The technique to trade with this technical indicator is that you have to BUY when the BLUE line is on the TOP of the RED line and SELL when the RED line is on the TOP of the BLUE line. If you notice the chart for Slow Stoch you will notice that it moves in cycles and thus you can easily trade the TOPS and BOTTOMS in share market.Just keep noticing the Slow stoch live indicator for the day. If positive then bullish and if negative then bearish.The best part is that it is FREE for use of my valued visitors. Try it for yourself!!!!

Charts available on this live blog includes:
5 Day Nifty Spot Interactive chart
Live Nifty Futures Chart
Live Nifty Spot and Futures Chart

Live Quotes for major global indices are also displayed on the blog.

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